Take a Narrow View

A view through one of the windows towards a purple Acer tree at Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire, England.

What a great place! Although in ruins, one can explore rooms on many floors at this ‘Romantic’ Castle. Apparently it was used as a setting in the movie: ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’.

29 thoughts on “Take a Narrow View

    1. Many thanks PC Photo. It is a wonderful place to explore. It’s such a Romantic-looking building – straight out of tales of Knights and Damsels of yore! Some walls were golden, others mossy green, windows looked out onto lush grass and leafy trees and the lake, spiral staircases led up to a variety of different rooms. It was great! It’s no wonder people choose it as a wedding venue.


  1. Oh I like that very much, Meanderer – I think what gets me is the beautiful greeny yellow reflection of the sunlight on the stones around the window – its like an entrance to another world – and having the tree visible outside is also good, something to focus on, rather than just a blank backdrop. Good stuff! Adrian


    1. Many thanks Adrian. You’ve used words to describe this image that just wouldn’t come to me; yes – “like an entrance to another world” – that’s how it felt and looked to me!


    1. Thank you Calvin. I spent a really lovely day here – it was very peaceful, the grounds were pretty, and the castle was something special. I can see why it was chosen for a film setting.


  2. I always get a sense of calm when I am here. It’s a place I love to stay and slowly take my time to browse and gaze and read. Thank you Meanderer for this beautiful pleasure. Sharon (and this is an enchanting picture!)


  3. What a cool photo and I love the effect of the light. Reminds me of a castle I visited in Victoria BC. What atmosphere those walls hold… Stopping by from Sandy L’s place, wanted to see your blog. Glad I did! πŸ™‚


    1. I’m not sure whether I’ve watched that film all the way through. I seem to remember that I like the Sheriff’s wonderful curly locks and Brian Adams’ music πŸ™‚ Did Marion really squeal? Oh no 😦

      Have you ever seen the film: “Robin and Marion” with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn; a much more refined and dignified portrayal methinks πŸ™‚


  4. Love these castle window shots. The closest I have gotten to this type of historical structures are old forts & the Dundurn Castle here in Canada and some historic buildings in the Caribbean.


    1. I’ll look up the castle you mention. For all the castles I’ve visited, this is one of my favourites. Although in ruins, there is still much to explore with every room providing a different feel and experience.


  5. The composition, coloring, the scene through the window is…great! It’s a very intriguing photo. I love the greens of the stones with the subtle purples of the tree.


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