Autumn Oak Leaves

A bunch of Oak leaves sitting in dappled light under the tree; some leaves had begun to turn – taking on their new Autumn colours – whilst others still looked fresh and green.

24 thoughts on “Autumn Oak Leaves

    1. Thank you Adrian. I was sitting on the outer wall of the grounds at Old Wardour Castle when I spotted the leaves. There weren’t many on the ground but this bunch really caught my eye with their various colours.


  1. These are the kind of shots where you excel. I love the combination of leaves that are turning autumn gold with those that have still retained their summer green. Well spotted and well executed.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Calvin; much appreciated. I sat on a wall eating a lovely piece of chocolate cake whilst contemplating from which angle I was going to photograph the leaves 🙂 The light was lovely (as was the cake!).


    1. Indeed Truels! I don’t look upon Autumn as a time of cold and dark, for in England, the light levels are best at this time of year and also the cold doesn’t (usually) bite until late December and onwards. No – for me – the dark months are January and February.


  2. A nice intro to autumn! Lovely!
    Some of our leaves started turning colors last month. I’ve never seen then turn that early especially given the temperatures were still hot. Temperatures are cooling down now.


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