I photographed this grapevine a few weeks ago and it was showing its Autumn colours then.

I think I’d like to grow grapes on my new allotment πŸ™‚Β  However, although the warmer temps, generally, make this a reality, after visiting my windswept plot today I don’t think the prevailing winds would allow it!


34 thoughts on “Vitis

  1. Beautiful shot. Based on my family’s experience growing fruit, including grapes, it is amazing what the hardier varieties can cope with.


    • Thank you Truels! Many of the trees here are still green – although I saw one today – a maple – which was lovely yellow and red colours. I didn’t have my camera with me though.


  2. The way the sun lights up the back of some of the leaves creates a beautiful effect with the oranges/reds of the leaves in the foreground. You have some beautiful work.


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