Sunrise Serenity

I’ve just arrived back from a few days away on the southern coast of Wales. It was a wonderfully replenishing break – one where we didn’t venture too far from our B&B front door; no hectic rushing around – simply soaking up the scenery and atmosphere.

I took this photograph of a small boat on the water early Saturday morning – just as the sun was rising. It was such a calm and gentle morning.

Many thanks for all the wonderful support with regard to my previous posting and my allotment concerns – I really appreciate it. I’m still not 100% sure whether to keep it or not; if it is making me stressed and unhappy so early on then maybe it’s not right. We’ll see.

I’ve a lot to catch up on and will be coming to look at everyone’s blogs over the next day or so (I’m not due to return to work for a few days).

49 thoughts on “Sunrise Serenity

    1. Thank you Calvin. I took quite a few photos of boats, some of which were old and lichen-encrusted with some real character.

      With regard to getting up and out early to photograph – it’s something I don’t do at home. I would either have to walk a fair way – or drive – to get to somewhere high enough to see the sunrise (all that before breakfast 😦 !). Seriously, though, I’m going to try and get out more during early morning during the Autumn.


  1. Beautiful! I thought it was a dress on it’s side, and as it was loading on my computer (very slow broadband connection today) I was wondering why an accomplished photographer like you would leave a portrait photo in landscape!!

    Maybe it has some magical Rorschach properties?


          1. Me too 🙂

            I posted that photo deliberately upside down, I’ve updated the post now with both versions of the photo in the gallery

            Your boat looked similarly fine upside down too 🙂


  2. M, this picture is an exquisite piece of art, I’m totally blown over by it. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen for some while and you have set yourself a very high standard! Because I like it so much I’m going to reblog it.

    Now, your allotment – just say the word and I’ll get a B&Q flamethrower and rub it out – maybe along with the herbicidal / pesticidal neighbouring allotment too – how about that? I mean, after all, this proposed course of action seems far more classy to me than merely offering to back my car over it – mmm??? Surge Forward


    1. Many thanks for your kind words on this one, Adrian. I’m pleased you like it. It’s funny how sometimes the right image presents itself just when one needs it!

      With regard to the thing which must not be mentioned as it causes too much stress (the place where one can sometimes grow things to eat – given half a chance) I have to admit that I never realised you had veggilante tendencies 🙂 It’s such a shame it all started to go wrong as I was really getting into sheds – literally; I’d been in and out of the ready-assembled ones at the local DIY hangar, trying them for size. I’ve discovered that sheds aren’t just for men 🙂


      1. SHEDS?!?!?! PIFFLE!!! Can I just say that, rather than mucking about in sheds, your talents will be far better utilised and also far better enjoyed by the world – or by the blogosphere at least – by keeping your eye glued to your camera’s viewfinder or screen or pinhole, and giving us more images forthwith or, indeed, fifthwith! A


        1. I take it from your reply that you are not a fan of sheds?!! I wasn’t until very recently. I might just have to settle for one in the garden – which may turn into – a summerhouse – or workshop – or something 🙂

          I must admit, the allotment turns my stomach every time I think of it (as opposed to me turning the soil – the action of which I have discovered is wrong: VERY WRONG in certain quarters …….!!!).

          Many thanks for your kind words on my – currently – preferred and definitely less-stressy hobby 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    OK, I’m aware that many of you receiving this reblog will be Meanderer fans who have already seen this image and I apologise for that. But, this is the most beautiful picture that I have seen for some while, I am entranced by it, and I am completely unable to let my admiration rest with a Comment on M’s blog! Certainly it is Minimalist, the black silhouette, the still water in shades of gold, and a very few, thin patches of highlight – and nothing else! Maybe this has some kind of Oriental feel to it, I don’t know >>> but I do know when something gets up and smacks me right in the eye! Total admiration from FATman!


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