Blustery Blurry Beach Bods

Taken through the windscreen of the car last Sunday on a very rainy windy day in South Wales.

There was a line of people fishing – in awful weather conditions – where the sand met the sea. I was content to sit in the car and watch rather than get soaked through in order to have a closer look (I’d left my ‘Deluge’ trousers at home šŸ˜¦ ).

We were fortunate to find a parking place with which to watch the fishing people. There were double yellow lines all along the road – as can be seen at the bottom of the photograph.

24 thoughts on “Blustery Blurry Beach Bods

    1. Many thanks Paul. I took a couple of photos of a lot of the people in a straight line but they came out a bit bland. The raindrops and distortion make it more interesting and fun I think!


    1. Thank you Steve! I’d never seen anything quite like it before – a line of about 10 or 12 fishermen, with their nets and rods, standing around in the pouring rain waiting for a bite. It was quite surreal!


  1. Looks like real autumn weather!
    I like this abstract image – because you make us feel the wind and rain. The title sounds funny – but I’m not sure I understand the first and last words!!!?


    1. Thank you Truels – I’m pleased you felt the wind and rain – that was what I was after.

      Yes – the title is a bit long! I’m a fan of alliteration and got carried away šŸ™‚ ‘Blustery’ is a word to describe very strong wind and ‘bods’ basically means bodies – people – the human form.


    1. Many thanks, Diana. I’ve never been able to paint (drawing I can manage) but to produce a photograph which looks like an abstract painting is pleasing to me and I’m so glad that you like it too!


  2. Excellent image, I like that a lot, M – and your few words about its content certainly enhance my appreciation.

    I like the limited colour palette and the blurring and the movement – the whole thing is almost dreamlike. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Somehow – although I’ve never seen a row of fishermen on a beach in such bad conditions before – it does remind me of holidays over the years on UK beaches – sitting in shelters waiting for the rain to blow over (which of course never does).


    1. I have to confess: I had the woolly hat and the flask as companions on this break – but not the gloves šŸ™‚ There is something lovely and cosy about sitting in a warm car watching bad weather! Many thanks šŸ™‚


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