Little Yellow House

A little yellow house sits amidst a patchwork of green and red hedgerow-divided fields in Wales.

We were driving along a fairly fast – but very scenic – road when I caught sight of the house and exclaimed: “Stop!”. We parked in an inappropriate place long enough for me to bound across a very wet grassy verge in order to photograph it. Even though it was a pretty overcast and damp day, the sun came out briefly to highlight the south-facing wall of the house.

The small white dots – which look as if I’ve painted them on – are sheep!

13 thoughts on “Little Yellow House

      1. You’re welcome…and that is so true…we recently drove to Arizona and I HAD to keep driving…it would have taken a week to get there (instead of 10 hours) if I could have stopped whenever I wanted to!


  1. That’s a beautiful picture, M – the hedgerow in front giving a sense of depth (and the taller hedgerow plants on the left, helping framing), the patchwork of variously coloured fields, lovely light on the side of the house creating a definite focus to the shot – and the fields of sheep telling us what the place is all about – excellent!

    The copse top left provides good framing of the scene too – take that away and I think the composition would be the poorer. And then there’s the diagonal down right from that copse, through the house and on to the prominent solitary tree and the bushes bottom right – right across the frame!

    Its a very calm and serene image, wonderful to look at and into. A


    1. Many thanks, Adrian. I was so pleased that we were able to stop for me to photograph such a pretty and idyllic place. It was somewhere amidst the Brecon Beacons. I was very much drawn to it. There is so much beauty everywhere – maybe particularly when ‘driving through’. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone took the time to slow down to appreciate it?! Fewer accidents and less stress.


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