Pretty Swathes

These pretty-coloured swathes of grass caught my eye. I’m not sure what types of grass there are here but I thought the different colours woven together were really interesting and made lovely patterns.

23 thoughts on “Pretty Swathes

  1. Oh I like that, I like that a lot, M! Its not the sort of picture that I would take, its maybe too subtle for my eyes, but it does work very well indeed.

    I’m not sure that its all in focus either, especially the background, but then again lack of sharpness doesn’t matter >>>at all<<< here – it just makes it more Impressionistic, which I love. Great stuff! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I photographed this on a grey day – indeed the rain came not many minutes afterwards. The subtlety in colours was all the more remarkable because of the surrounding grey of the sky and the castle. It isn’t sharp due to the lack of light and the distance but I also like the impressionist feel!


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