Sweet Imperfection

I was going to post this image later this week but changed my mind when I watched the UK weather forecast this morning. The forecaster used the words: ‘dank’; ‘bleak’; ‘dull’; and ‘drab’ amongst other grey, dreary sounding adjectives to describe the weather this coming week. I therefore felt the need for a bright, cheery image to start the dismal-sounding weather week!

I photographed these rosy apples yesterday whilst on my morning walk. A kind resident had left them outside with a sign telling passers-by to help themselves. They looked beautiful and ripe for the taking – and photographing 😉  It coincided with yesterday being ‘Apple Day’ – a day which celebrates local UK orchards. I don’t think I’ve heard of Apple Day before – at least it hadn’t registered on my consciousness previously; strange the things we miss sometimes.

Anyway, I chose the one in the top right corner – with the stalk attached – but haven’t eaten it yet 🙂

25 thoughts on “Sweet Imperfection

    1. Thank you, Eremophila! Yes – their imperfection is what I like about them; they do look real (as opposed to perfect plastic 🙂 ). It was very dull and damp today – they were right.


  1. Au Naturel ces Fruits , Rehaussent l’Humeur du Temps ,
    Ainsi Parlerait le Vent ” Bons comme un Jour de Pluie ”
    Pour Eviter l’Ennui , Le Regard non Fuyant ,
    Parcourt l’Environnement , En s’Inspirant d’Autrui .
    Bonne Semaine 😉


  2. I love the photo…and would love some of that weather, too…it’s been trying to rain here all day…beautiful clouds on the mountains…I hope they don’t all blow away….


    1. Thank you, Scott. It sounds a bit like I’m ‘grizzlin’ ’bout the mizzlin” doesn’t it? I actually don’t mind rain – it’s the long, dark, grey days that get to me. It feels like the shroud of crepuscular cloud is sitting on my shoulders. I can understand how you would love the rain when it is so arid; I too need rain when it is dry for long periods of time.


      1. You’re very welcome, Meanderer…I understand the perpetual gray and needing the sun…spent several years in Germany and there were seasons of gray…and then so many years in the desert with so very little rain… 🙂


  3. I heard of Apple Day a couple of years back, when I went to the Apple Day celebrations at Borough market here in London (lots of excellent food, a green man and, naturally, apples). Unfortunately this year has been a bad one for apples (so you were lucky to find some offered!) and I recently read that the Apple Day event in Epping Forest has been cancelled due to a bad harvest in their orchards…. I have also found it difficult to find Cox Apples (my favourite). So enjoy your lovely fruits!


    1. Thank you, Federica. Yes – I heard that apple harvests have suffered this year due to the weather – along with other fruit, veg, and cereals. Supermarkets are – grudgingly – having to sell less than perfect-looking produce!


  4. A wonderful shot and a sight for sore eyes. I was only thinking the other day I could murder a Cox’s Orange Pippin. I’ve not tasted one in 12 years. This photograph will have to do instead. I hope you enjoyed the apple.


    1. Thank you, Calvin – I’m pleased you like these virtual apples! It was lovely to see a basket full of them looking fresh and natural complete with blemishes and splashes of mud! How very different to the perfect polished ones at the supermarket 🙂


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