Warmth, Comfort, and Joy

To mark the reversion today to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) from British ‘Silly’ Time (Summer Time 🙂 ) I thought I’d begin a series of Warmth, Comfort, and Joy items to see in the chilly weather and the longer darker evenings.

Temps have dropped to just above freezing during the night and early morning over the last few days – coupled with a brisk North-Easterly wind. I therefore decided yesterday to open my new Welsh-made random recycled wool blanket – purchased on my short break to Wales a few weeks ago. It is very warm and surprisingly soft.

Each blanket is unique with its own combination of colours. I like the blues (my favourite colour), yellows and greens in this one. I also bought one with lots of reds in it.

As I type, my blanket is softly draped around my shoulders bringing welcome warmth, comfort, and joy on this chilly, grey, drizzly Sunday morning!

21 thoughts on “Warmth, Comfort, and Joy

  1. Oh that’s nice – I love all the colours and the swirling, curving lines of the wool – a very striking and beautiful image!

    You should get in contact with my wife, she’s a great knitter (no, knitter) too – especially liking making baby clothes and blankets. Great picture! A


  2. A lovely blanket!
    I so understand! I love having a warm, soft comfy blanket to snuggle in. The temps were cold last week and we got our first snowstorm (4 inches at our house), but it will be warming up again this week.


  3. I love blankets and cups of tea…..
    Beautiful colours, I also like blues and greens.
    I have started knitting warm things again…. winter must be quite close!
    We had our first frost here in London the other day…


    1. Thank you, Federica! It’s such a wonderful feeling to be wrapped in a blanket on a cold grey day! We had a frost Monday night I think; the next day almost all the leaves fell off one of our horse chestnut trees. It was quite dramatic.


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