Lichen Fans

One can find lichen in the most interesting places! Here, it can be seen ‘lovingly’ attached to – and fanning out from – tiny LED lights on a road chevron sign.

I’ve never been up close and personal with one of these signs before and didn’t realise that the background colour was blue. I also didn’t realise that they had tiny LEDs attached – but had often wondered what causes the sign to illuminate so brightly and seemingly flash on and off as the car headlights catch them full on.

60 thoughts on “Lichen Fans

  1. I don’t think the sign is worth looking at, but I admire your eyes for seeing this detail – it’s GREAT – a stunning abstract artwork! I would love to hang a copy on my wall šŸ™‚


  2. I agree with Helen, since the bottom light’s lichen is cropped out, it looks naked!

    I love the combo of cobalt blue and lime green, it’s very bold, and the bright lichen just pops against that dark blue background.

    Nicely done! šŸ™‚

    RPRT Photo


    1. Thank you, RPRT Photo! There wasn’t very much lichen growing on the bottom light for some reason. It could have been cropped, in hindsight, but I liked the longer, portrait, orientation rather than the pre-rotated squarer orientation.


    1. Thank you thin8air! There isn’t often an opportunity to see these signs up close as they are usually on dangerous bits of road. The road was very much quieter than usual, however, on this particular day!


  3. Oh that’s very good – beautiful – and abstract and Minimalist all at once! Great stuff – and well spotted – and how lucky that the lichens fan out onto the dark blue rather than the white! Adrian


  4. This is a remarkable photo. I love its simplicity and the juxtaposition of the hard, white and blue surface and the softer contours of the bright green lichen. It’s amazing what one can find when looking close.


  5. Thanks to your many lichen posts, I noticed some lichen growing on our car light the other day, I’m sure Hubby won’t think to clean it off anytime soon so maybe I’ll try and catch it with my camera to share with you. šŸ™‚


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