Autumn Flame

A Horse Chestnut leaf – caught in the branches of another plant – is strongly illuminated by the afternoon Autumn sun.


25 thoughts on “Autumn Flame

    • Thank you, Scott! Amongst other things, when I think of Autumn I think of bonfires – flames licking up into the night sky and the smell of woodsmoke drifting across fields and gardens creating a haze πŸ™‚


      • You’re very welcome, Meanderer…I hadn’t made the connection, but now that you mention the bonfires, I recall from a period in my childhood, living in South Carolina, that many the neighbors used to burn piles of leaves in the Fall…they wouldn’t bag them for the weekly garbage pick-up, they’d just burn piles of them in their yard or in a large steel drum…and yes, then there would be the smell of wood-smoke and leaves wafting across the neighborhood…. I had forgotten, Meanderer…thank you for the memory…. πŸ™‚


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