Leaf Life

A close-up of a dogwood (Cornus) leaf basking in early morning November sunshine.

I find close-ups of leaves fascinating and this one, with its intricate network of veins, reminds me of skin – particularly dry skin like mine.

I like dogwoods – they provide all round interest in a garden with their pretty leaves, flowers, buds, and Winter stems. They seem to grow quite happily on shallow chalk as we have here.

I had previously wondered about the common name and discovered a couple of days ago that it comes from ‘dag’ meaning ‘skewer’ or ‘dagger’. Apparently the strong stems were used as skewers for meat in days gone by.

27 thoughts on “Leaf Life

    1. Thank you, Scott. I’m still not completely sure about the new theme; I chose my favourite colour for the background but I think overall it’s a little drab! Also I’ve been informed at home that the text is hard to read – and I tend to agree. I wanted a theme with a footer so I can have all the tags and community info in there whilst having a full width template for the images.


      1. Most welcome, Meanderer…and yes, the words are a little hard to read (same comments on mine from time to time), but the full-frame allows for the photos to be enjoyed on a larger scale…so it’s a bit of a trade-off…. I still like it very much. 🙂


        1. Thanks for your thoughts on the theme, Scott. As you can see, I’ve changed back to my previous theme, but may well revisit the ‘Nishita’ theme again – perhaps with a slightly more uplifting background colour!


    1. Thank you, Jul. Some things I’ve learned for macro shots are: shoot in bright light but not glaring sunshine, and shoot in non-windy conditions. Some say a tripod should be used but my hands are quite steady so I always shoot hand-held. Also it depends on the camera. Compact cameras work well for macro shots – something to do with the lens design. Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks! I don’t have a compact but a reflex camera so I thought it would be easier to do macro… maybe it’s me, then! 😉 I’ll have to try again. Or maybe, I want to do something I can’t do with that camera and that lens. But thanks for the insight, that helps!


  1. Beautiful image, M – I think the highlit ridges and their shadows bring a lot here – I can see them as sea waves sweeping down to the southwest across an orange and red, honeycomb ocean. Excellent stuff! A


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