Frosted Bramble Leaves

I awoke this morning to bright, cold, crisp, weather conditions, and the sight of wonderful light and blue sky seemed to turn on a switch of surging energy as I rushed outside after breakfast to make the most of it 🙂

28 thoughts on “Frosted Bramble Leaves

  1. Very beautiful, M! I’ve just reblogged a stunner from iltana – and here is another! The frost crystals look like grains of sugar or rock salt and the slightly overexposed look you’ve given it enhances it no end >>> it positively glows! Great stuff! A


    1. Thank you, Steve! Yes – although the cold in the depths of Winter can be hard, the beauty all around makes up for it to some extent. Looks as if we have more on the way this week with an abrupt change from floods and mild temps to chilly winds and the possiblity of frosts and snow for some.


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