Claret-coloured Leaves

I’m looking for signs of bright colour whenever I’m out walking during this month of slate-grey skies and copious rainfall. I did a favourite circular walk this morning and came across these Smokebush (cotinus) leaves which had become entangled with some nettle leaves.

I stood underneath in order to capture the patterns of the leaves’ undersides – the greying sky showing beyond.


28 thoughts on “Claret-coloured Leaves

    • Thank you, Adrian. I was standing in a road trying to avoid being run over when I photographed these leaves. There were also rampant dogs barking at everyone and suspicious householders trying to see what was going on. I had to be done with my shots – and quick πŸ™‚


  1. Glorious! At first I felt that you shot it underwater, looking up through water plants toward those on the surface. There’s a Frans Lanting photo like that that I love, and this reminds me very much of that image. Do you know it?


    • Many thanks, Cocomino. I also like the red and green combo; the green of the nettles is a nice rich colour. I’m on the lookout for as many red leaves as I can find – a perfect foil for all the grey!


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