16 thoughts on “November Mist

  1. I’d like to take my faithful doggy companion for a walk into the middle of that field–and then lie down for a nap What a wonderful mood you’ve captured here, and I am glad that you’ve left it dark and somber. How inviting!


    1. Thank you, Gary. It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned the sombre tones of the image. It rather encapsulates the weather this Autumn – and in fact a lot of the Summer too.


      1. These days – 3 weeks before the shortest day of the year – the sun is rising around 8.30 and going down 16.00 in Denmark. VERY short day….. Where in the world are you living ?!


        1. I’m in England, Truels. I checked the sunrise and sunset times and they are currently around 7.45am and just after 4pm (I think – from memory). Of course, a grey day brings in the night even earlier.


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