November Mist

A view across a Winter crop-covered field towards misty layers of trees and a pink sky – taken last November.


16 thoughts on “November Mist

  1. I’d like to take my faithful doggy companion for a walk into the middle of that field–and then lie down for a nap What a wonderful mood you’ve captured here, and I am glad that you’ve left it dark and somber. How inviting!


    • Thank you, Gary. It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned the sombre tones of the image. It rather encapsulates the weather this Autumn – and in fact a lot of the Summer too.


      • These days – 3 weeks before the shortest day of the year – the sun is rising around 8.30 and going down 16.00 in Denmark. VERY short day….. Where in the world are you living ?!


        • I’m in England, Truels. I checked the sunrise and sunset times and they are currently around 7.45am and just after 4pm (I think – from memory). Of course, a grey day brings in the night even earlier.


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