December Whisper


We had quite a sharp frost last night so I got up and out early this morning to try and capture some of the frost-laden landscape.

The sun was bright and low in the sky and cast a misty light over the trees away in the distance beyond the crop field. This is a colour image and hasn’t been converted to monochrome.

Tonight, rain and slightly milder temperatures have returned. Although it has been cold this weekend, it felt good to see the sun and to experience ‘normal’ temps for this time of year.

28 thoughts on “December Whisper

    1. Many thanks, Illustrious Peacock. The sun was very much in my eyes so I shielded it by standing in front of a sign post in order to see what I was doing! It was lovely to see the pretty frost and the bright sun even though it was very cold.


    1. I missed much of the opportunity yesterday morning to photograph the frost as I had work, so I was intent on getting out early this morning if it was frosty once again. I must admit, my sleepy head almost kept me indoors, but I was so happy to have got out with the camera! It’s really invigorating to get out for a walk when it’s so cold and bright!


  1. It makes me feel like such a softy looking at these beautiful pictures ..This is only the first day with frost and some snow for us ,and should have went out …tomorrow ..I might..;-)


  2. A color image without colors!
    A a stunning image, the light was great. Here we have grey, grey gr – – – and not any sunshine bringing nice light. And snow – all the grey is light-grey 😉


    1. Thank you, Gary! Yes – it was pretty crunchy – and quite treacherous in places. We also saw flooding from the recent persistent rain and had to take an alternative route on one occasion.


  3. You’ve done it again – wow I like that! That’s superb, and what an eye you have! The rough ground in the foreground, and then the mistier details further out >>> and especially that wonderful hedgerow line with trees – excellent mono work! A


    1. Thanks very much, Adrian. It was a difficult shot because the low sun was directly in my eyes. Fortunately, a sign post helped shield my eyes enough so I could point in the right direction!


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