Winter Lavender


Some wispy lavender stems with seed pods attached stand against a mossy wooden fence.

It has been very cold today – barely rising above freezing with a sharp breeze to match. The sun was visible but very weak as various hues of grey cloud covered it – casting a blue-grey haze over everything.


27 thoughts on “Winter Lavender

  1. Sous le Voile d’Ombres d’Hors , la Flore demeure Eprise ,
    D’un Rayon de Lumière Grise , Donnant Nuances aux Corps ,
    Peu Importe l’Aurore , Quand le Regard Electrise ,
    Au Beau Milieu de la Brise , la Lavande d’Autres Nords .


  2. Very effective composition. The blend of sharp detail and soft background makes it feel that the lavender is coming out of the screen.


    • Thank you, elmediat! I took a few shots of the lavender at different angles – some of which were mainly soft and hazy. This one worked best with – as you say – clarity in the seedheads along with fuzziness of the fence.


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