Winter Lavender


Some wispy lavender stems with seed pods attached stand against a mossy wooden fence.

It has been very cold today – barely rising above freezing with a sharp breeze to match. The sun was visible but very weak as various hues of grey cloud covered it – casting a blue-grey haze over everything.

27 thoughts on “Winter Lavender

  1. Sous le Voile d’Ombres d’Hors , la Flore demeure Eprise ,
    D’un Rayon de Lumiรจre Grise , Donnant Nuances aux Corps ,
    Peu Importe l’Aurore , Quand le Regard Electrise ,
    Au Beau Milieu de la Brise , la Lavande d’Autres Nords .


    1. Many thanks, Finn! Yes – I’d seen these seedheads a couple of times previously in recent days, but the light was too dim to do any justice to them. Fortunately, the weak sun on this particular day, gave just enough light to enliven them.


  2. Very effective composition. The blend of sharp detail and soft background makes it feel that the lavender is coming out of the screen.


    1. Thank you, elmediat! I took a few shots of the lavender at different angles – some of which were mainly soft and hazy. This one worked best with – as you say – clarity in the seedheads along with fuzziness of the fence.


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