Had a day off work today and decided to go into town early, on a flying visit, for a spot of seasonal shopping. Caught the bus rather than drove – much cheaper at present considering petrol prices and route diversions due to roadworks.

On the way there – and back – saw the most exquisite frosty landscape features. Alas, stopping to photograph was out of my control; I don’t think the bus driver and fellow passengers would have thanked me for stopping the bus for a gratifying photo op.

I did briefly think about getting off the bus some way from home, as I saw the most wonderful frost patterns on an exposed barbed wire fence between crop fields. If I’d have had more to eat for breakfast I might have alighted there and then and walked the remainder of the way home, but I felt empty and knew my blood sugar levels weren’t going to get me home easily on foot.

I stayed the journey, arrived home, dropped off my bag, and came out again to walk a little way until I found a closer-to-home barbed wire fence. There I stopped in suspense to photograph frost: suspended …….

These cold, semi-bright, frosty, foggy, icy, sharp, weather conditions are what I remember from Winters past; they are forever suspended in the mental ether of my memory banks – not the more recent mild grey damp ones. I like them very much.

29 thoughts on “Suspended

      1. I love the sea .. I love him a lot more in the winter, but the winters on the Tyrrhenian coast, Tuscany is not very rigid.
        your photos are lovely …
        you have to take a lot of photos πŸ™‚


  1. I made it out into the frost but on the way to, and back from, work. The pavements twinkled like a tinsel carpet but it was too dark to capture anything good with the camera.
    You’ve caught the spikey frostiness beautifully, especially the suspended bits, like christmas decorations from mother nature.


  2. “…what I remember from Winters past; they are forever suspended in the mental ether of my memory banks” – great phrase – and another gorgeous image… those sharp days earlier in the month were really welcome, it seems rare to get commonplace wintry weather that’s just quiet and icy without being a big news event.


    1. Yes: “quiet and icy” is a wonderful way of describing those wonderful sharp, cold, Wintery days we always seemed to have. We do seem to be having such extremes of weather these days. Thank you, Whistles in the Wind.


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