Frosted Umbellifer


An umbellifer photographed from underneath on the same day as my previous post.

I love umbellifers in all weathers, and looking out from the window of the bus into the pale crisp blue and white landscape,Β  the umbellifers – amidst various pretty hedgerow plants – looked wonderful covered in this spiky hoar frost. I knew I had to find some after I arrived home, and came across this one – clutching at a brightening sky – alongside a frozen crop field.

33 thoughts on “Frosted Umbellifer

  1. Beautiful picture.
    I really like the way that the heads further back almost dissolve until they become part of the mist itself. I would have just automatically tried to get the whole plant into sharp focus to contrast with the diffuse sky, but imo the way you have done it is much better!


    1. Thank you very much! I’m pleased you like the photo. I love umbellifers and have taken lots of photos of them. I remember struggling to get into position for this one – trying to get the angle right whilst avoiding a distracting hedge on the right! What a long cold Winter that was. I can’t remember any hard frosts at all during the Winter just gone.


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