Web Sight


I caught sight of this frozen web suspended between two metal gate posts – a very cold-looking field lays beyond.

I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago during a couple of days of very cold frosty weather sandwiched between the grey and the rain.

Wishing all followers and visitors to ‘The Lantern Room’ a Very Happy New Year. Many thanks for the wonderful warm and supportive comments and likes; I very much appreciate them. All the best!

25 thoughts on “Web Sight

    1. Many thanks, Cherrie! We’ve had mainly rain and grey skies in England during 2012 so it was like a wonderland seeing everything covered in sugar-like frost! Happy New Year to you 🙂


      1. I’m amazed (and delighted) that you are using a compact, your photos are so professional. Mind if I delve a bit deeper and ask which model Pentex?

        Also, do you do a lot of photoprocessing? And which software?

        Thanks for your help. I’m trying to find a path to improve my photography and I really admire your photos! 🙂


        1. Hi Viv. It’s a Pentax Option H90. I don’t do very much post-processing at all: some cropping and occasional minor adjustments in contrast and saturation and I use Irfanview for this (it’s freeware).

          A couple of times I’ve needed to rotate an image to make the horizon level for when I’ve slightly tilted the camera. I use GIMP for this which is Open source freeware.

          Really – apart from some of my abstracts – I like the images to look as close to how I’ve seen them as possible.


          1. My jaw is literally dropped. The color and clarity of your photographs is fantastic and I have long admired your work. I’m even more impressed knowing that you haven’t spent a fortune on the latest state of the art ____ (fill in the blank.) I will look into each of those components. Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to write me. I look forward to being a continued admirer. 🙂 Vivian


  1. It is wondrous how you find & capture these shots of webs & wire covered in frost/ice/droplets. Have a creative New Year full of energy, health & more moment of wonder. 🙂


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