January Trees


What a treat it was to wake up to some wonderful welcome Winter sunshine today! After many days of heavy persistent rainfall and grey skies, the sun was out and the sky was blue, beckoning us out of our post New Year’s Eve slumber and into the bracing fresh air!

Our walks took in some areas of flood water and, later, this water meadow. The trees seemed to be enjoying the sunshine also, and the reds of the cornus stems glowed gently and added some welcome warmth. It really felt positively energising and enlivening to see and feel the sun.

30 thoughts on “January Trees

    1. Thank you, Scott. It was so very pretty. My photos of the watermeadows themselves didn’t come out too well as I was shooting into the sun but it was wonderful being there and watching the sun set across the water.


  1. Rien de Tel au Matin , qu’une Balade à Fleur d’Eau ,
    Pour voir le Renouveau , Au Fil d’Arbres Sereins ,
    L’Hors à portée de Chemins , Offre l’Eclat de son Sceau ,
    Au Travers d’Oripeaux , Aux Doux Reflets Carmins 😉
    Belles & Bonnes Saisons en Lumière


    1. Thank you, Finn. I hope you’ve had a bit of sunshine since your comment. We have had wall-to-wall grey cloud since New Year’s Day! Not very inspiring for photographs!


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