Metallic Leaves


These very large Magnolia leaves caught my eye when visiting Harold Hillier Gardens at the weekend. I was drawn to the contrast between the darker-coloured upper sides and the lighter ‘tarnished silver’ looking undersides.

The leaves were huge – about twice my boot length. I should have taken notice of the species but was too enthralled by the leaves!

18 thoughts on “Metallic Leaves

    1. Many thanks, Scott. It was – yet another – dull day, but the brighter side of the leaves really jumped out and said: ‘Photograph me’! The weather is a little brighter today; a pretty purple-blue-pink-light-grey-day πŸ™‚


  1. Nice image M, I don’t think I’ve seen leaves this colour before.
    I’d have to say I think the dull light has helped to imagine these leaves in being more solid (metallic) than they were.


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