Iced Sky


An icicle presents an abstract version of the blue sky and fluffy clouds!

How wonderful it is, this morning, to see blue sky and sunshine. I felt a bit glum at the weekend due – in part – to the overcast weather conditions which cast a heavy grey dismal light onto the lying snow.

28 thoughts on “Iced Sky

  1. This is really beautiful. You make me feel thoroughly ashamed of myself … and with good reason. I’ve given up looking around me with the camera until the spring arrives because I’m longing for some colour … and then you come up with a beautiful picture like this.
    Thank you. 🙂


    1. That’s really kind, Sallyann. You shouldn’t feel ashamed, however: I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy about our grey weather – and even the snow didn’t cheer me up that much (strangely!). It was the sight of the sun and blue sky that lifted me this morning. Also: how can you feel sad when you post such wonderfully uplifting photos of Alice and the Snowman 🙂


      1. Credit where it’s due! I just went and had another look and I just love it.

        The appearance of the sun really does change everything, I’m so looking forward to it returning to this part of the world.


        1. I love to observe the way the sun has such an immediate and uplifting effect on mood. This effect seems more pronounced in me during what seem to be interminable days of drab dullness 🙂


  2. I admire this photograph a lot – the crisp, clean colours of blue and white, the contrast between the strong lines of the icicle and the fluffiness of the clouds, the way the icicle has turned the sky on its side creating a new view of the sky. I especially like the bubbles in the ice.


  3. Oh that’s nice, I like that a lot, M! Minimalism lives, and that it getting near the surreal – it looks like there’s a real world with clouds in the sky, and then another world at right angles to it, with all of its clouds and sky compressed into a glass sliver or tube! A


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