Willow Bud


I photographed this Willow leaf bud today – a sweet sign of Spring! Snowdrops, aconites, cyclamens – and even some daffodils – are out.

On our kitchen calendar this year we have added sunrise and sunset times. The amount of daylight is increasing at a rapid pace at present. It may even be light when I walk home from work during the forthcoming week – yippee!

24 thoughts on “Willow Bud

    1. Thank you, Jane! On the whole, we’re having a mild Winter here with the odd bit of frozen weather. We awoke to a very light dusting of snow this morning but it is still generally rather mild.


  1. That’s a bit early, isn’t it? Mind you, you are based down South and things always start a little earlier than up t’North. I have a shot I took a couple of weeks ago with you in mind. I must get it posted.


    1. I took a photo of a Willow bud – from a different type of Willow – around the same time last year. It must be a characteristic of Willows, although there are many other buds around. Our Winter in these parts has been pretty mild – we haven’t had many sub-zero days (or nights).

      I look forward to your post 🙂


    1. It seems as if Willows do start to bud and flower in January. Having looked around, though, many plants are in bud or actual flower. I guess it’s due to the comparatively mild Winters we have here in the South West of England. We have had very few sub-zero temps thus far.


    1. Yes – not too far away. When I walked home from work on Friday I could just about see in front of me 🙂 Of course, these dull rainy days will delay the late-afternoon brightness for now.


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