Spring Glimpse


Photographed last Spring, here is a glimpse of a Pasque flower (Pulsatilla Vulgaris). I was reminded of this pretty little flower a day or two ago when my photo of it in bud stage from last year appeared in my ‘Top Posts and Pages’ grid.

Last year I also posted a photograph of the hybrid white version (Pulsatilla alba) in flower and seedhead stage – but I didn’t post a photograph of this purple variety whilst in flower. Better late than never, as they say!

I discovered that this flower is now a scarce plant in the UK. Here is a bit more information on it from the Natural England website which explains the origin of the name too.

22 thoughts on “Spring Glimpse

    1. Sounds like me also, Lynn! After reading the article, I discovered that I’m not likely to see them wild in the area where I live, even though the soil type is suitable. Maybe one day, though.


  1. Lovely flower. The legend of it springing from Danes blood is interesting and got me to pondering whether it was introduced by the Vikings? Also the name ‘Pasque flower’ could come from the Danish word for Easter which is ‘PÃ¥ske’, pronounced ‘Porsk’.


    1. It’s all in excited anticipation, Viv 🙂 We do have many flowers out at present however, including: primroses, aconites, snowdrops and a couple of daffodils!

      Many thanks!


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