A flock of seagulls taking flight against a leaden sky above a crop field.

Turned into a negative image they make an interesting pattern – similar to printed fabric I have seen.

25 thoughts on “Flight

  1. What an excellent idea to invert! At first look, it doesn’t appear to be negativized, as gulls are usually mostly white and the sky gray, until one notices the detail in the ventral parts that should be in deepest shadow. Very interesting, and full of motion and energy!


    1. Thank you, Gary. I’m pleased that you spotted details such as areas which would have been in shadow. It was wonderful to see so many of these birds circling a crop field.


  2. I really like this background MUCH better–not that I get a vote. The other shade, to me isn’t the best energy color and makes me want to gag, though, this is a personal resentment, that existed prior to your choice. This might come from ‘show’ pieces, using the black and white for mat and so on. Though, now I am thinking of galleries with varied colors and lighting and wall surfaces, and how a most beautiful piece can be utterly diminished. I often wish that I had the funds to play with mats and frames and line up one image done in various ways to show this, as part of the expression of the piece.


    1. Thank you, Elisa! Yes – I think you get a vote (I appreciate opinions on themes and background colours and so on ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I know the colour you mean: #e0e3c6. I chose it because it showed off my Willow Bud image quite well but after a while I found it rather insipid – hence the new blue. It’s difficult and something I find hard to get right.

      Yup – visiting art galleries can give one ideas on how to show off one’s own work to best effect. I find some of the colour choices to be much bolder than those I would naturally gravitate towards.

      The Duotone theme is very useful in that you get a different background colour according to a particular image – although sometimes it got things badly wrong. I changed from that particular theme because of its lack of flexibility and use of widgets. The blue background here suits this image well (I think!) but wouldn’t suit an image with orange in it very well.


    1. Thank you, Truels! Not quite a field pattern but a pattern nevertheless! Yes – I saw the patterns in the pond. I’m pleased that it is a small sign of Spring for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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