Whilst visiting an RSPB nature reserve we came across a tractor – followed by hungry seagulls – ploughing the land ready for Spring crops.

The colours in Nature are very brown and green at present. Buds are a-plenty and daffs are beginning to blossom. It’s still light as I type (just after 6 in the evening). I love March as it sits on the cusp between Winter and Spring.

20 thoughts on “Following

  1. I love everything about this picture. I saw a TV program several years ago about a girl who had recently taken over the running of the family farm in Devon. She was expressing real concern about the nature of modern farming and how when she was a child the plough was always followed by a large flock of seagulls but nowadays that didn’t seem to happen. Because agrochemicals had killed all the insects. I’d noticed this worrying phenomenon too, but in the last month I’ve seen two tractors ploughing and both had flocks of gulls swirling around in their wake – and now here’s your wonderful image of just that. Is this a sign of a return to less damaging practices? I hope so.


    1. Many thanks for your interesting reply, Finn. The arable land being ploughed here is part of the RSPB reserve but I don’t know whether this indicates less pesticide use. It’s rather wonderful that you have seen this fantastic sight of seagulls following tractors. Let’s hope it’s a sign of less damaging practices.


  2. It’s amazing how opportunistic gulls can be. One has to wonder, though, how they can sense that following the furrowing can offer more than their usual maritime menu.


  3. I love this – looking at the Cornwall images and in particular ‘To the Beach’ I’m now thinking of Daphne du Maurier and ‘The Birds’ – maybe it was the sandwich seagull too! Great atmospheres as ever…


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