Moss on Slate


A small patch of fiery-looking ‘wall screw moss’ (Tortula muralis) sits amidst pastel coloured slate on a Nepalese Chautara at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum.

A Chautara is a place for weary travellers to sit and rest whilst trekking across the Himalayas. Here it is situated in the Gurkha Memorial Garden at Hilliers. It’s a beautiful and very peaceful part of the arboretum which is adorned with a variety of Nepalese plants.

Chautaras are often constructed in memory of a person and this particular one is in memory of Sir Horace Kadooris – benefactor to the Gurkhas.

14 thoughts on “Moss on Slate

    1. Thank you, Lynn. In this part of England, we’ve had a pretty mild Winter this year and – with regard to plants and buds – Spring seems to have been around the corner for a while. Does the snow usually extend into March where you are?


    1. Thank you, Paula. I’m pleased you find hopefulness in the image. As March marches on and we travel towards the Equinox and Easter you too will see signs of Spring peeking out from the snow and cold. We have had a very mild Winter this year. Sometimes these days it’s difficult to differentiate between the seasons here – which is disconcerting in its own right.


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