Softly Interwoven


Following on from my ‘Softly Entwined‘ and ‘Attachment‘ posts featuring Honeysuckle stems and fresh buds wrapped around iron supports, here is the latest in the series. The buds have popped to reveal new pretty pink-coloured leaves.


I really love the way the honeysuckle wraps itself around the supports. It’s seems to be a perfect combination.

I hope to add further images as the honeysuckle grows and also for as long as I can think up suitable adjectives for the title 🙂

16 thoughts on “Softly Interwoven

    1. Thank you, Gary. Yes – it’s interesting how the surroundings and subjects all complement each other. Even the bare earth looks metallic and in harmony with the leaf and iron support on a dreary day such as this was!


    1. It’s so exciting isn’t it, Roberta?! We are due to a change in the weather over the coming days to cold sub-zero temps. Hope the plants and animal-life aren’t too set back by it.


  1. Unusual studies, M, but very good. I love the muted colour palettes and the diversity of shape, and the out of focus and quite neutral backdrops are just right.

    Two things to tell you. First, I’m now retired – so more time for photography!

    Second, I’ve found a couple of good blogs. One I reblogged this morning. The other is anisjarossi. You may already know of them but, if not, take a look!

    Hope you’re fine! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Yes – muted colours work for me. It’s difficult to find vibrant colour at this time of year and with the almost constant grey skies! Pleased you like it.

      I don’t feel qualified to offer any useful comments on retirement but more time for photography sounds perfect – as does staying up late, getting up late, feeding one’s mind and soul ………. and so on! All the best to you. Looking forward to some inspiring images.

      Thank you for the new blogs. Will follow up.


  2. Not sure how to describe the feeling. But I really enjoy these kind of photos. Not sure whether I see a fight or an embrace. Or if I see beauty and beast or man and nature. Even so … I enjoy these kinds of shots!


    1. Many thanks, Lunchsketch! I agree that there is a kind of tension in there. We think the honeysuckle may be the weaker subject here but look at how strong the twisted stem is and also how well it has tangled itself around the support. The support looks as if it is stronger than the plant but see how much it is rusting – becoming weaker with time.

      Pleased you enjoy this kind of image too!


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