10 thoughts on “Cafe View

  1. This is good – and hope you had a good time in the Tate! The interior details are good – I particularly like that chairback mid right – it all looks like just an assemblage of shapes, quite abstract.

    Then the breaker is in amongst the shapes, and the rest of it is detailless enough to almost look like a painting hanging on the cafe wall. I like it a lot!


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I love the way the gallery has been designed to take in and showcase the wonderful views of its Natural surroundings – very impressive. The Keeler-esque chairs really help make this image as well as the condiments set and – of course – that all-important sea-view. The carrot and pineapple cake was pretty good too 🙂


  2. Oh, waiter…I’ll have whatever she had, and I’ll also have her seat as soon as she leaves the premises…but not before I manage to casually cross paths with her and strike up a conversation…


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