Sunny Roofscape


A view looking down on the lichen-encrusted rooftops at St. Ives, Cornwall. I was in the midst of taking photos from different angles when my friend – the herring gull – popped into view!

I have a liking for rooftops and chimneys and St. Ives is a wonderful place to photograph them!

28 thoughts on “Sunny Roofscape

  1. What a treat. The orange roof peak in the foreground leads the eye right up to the serendipitous gull, who just barely made its entrance in time. I also love how the green of the roof lichens echoes that of the foliage on the far shore. A beautiful whole!


    1. Thank you, Gary! There’s just something about rooftops for me – and there were plenty of opportunities to capture them here. This was an ideal spot as I was able to gets lots of tightly-packed rooftops into the shot. The sun illuminating the lichen helped too. I’m always delighted and amazed at how many different types of chimney pot there are!


  2. Parler aux goรฉlands , de la nature d’une Onde ,
    Ouvre ร  donner au monde , un autre regard du temps ,
    Merci du ravissement , venant d’un bout de la ronde ,
    Dont la verdure abonde , le long pierres sur toits .


  3. It’s really handy having such a friend, to ‘make’ the picture! All that lichen tells me something….aahh, fresh air. I bet that the rabbit warren there makes for interesting explorations too! Lovely photo.


  4. Oh I know this view and that’s a lovely picture – in particular, the yellowy ?lichens on the roofs go well with the white and blues – it all looks (and is!) very beautiful! Looks like that gull has you in its sights – have you tried using different soap, or maybe eating fewer sardines? A


  5. Oh!! I love this!! It says things to me about open plain meeting wide blue sky, the feeling of flying anywhere and feeling the cool and the light, the scent of the green, noticing the way things fit together, the comfort maybe in this one skipping the garish, or perhaps mashing them both as good use of mind. The storm being wild and where our comfort is not, to fear it or to roil within it!


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