I saw these wall-trained blossom-filled fruit trees today. They were covered in thick polythene for protection against the elements.

Althought the plastic covering was thick, it made me smile to see the pink blossoms pressed up against the covering – desperate to greet the warming air.

Spring here in the UK – as in many other countries – has been subdued by cold Arctic winds, but this weekend has seen a drop in the ferocity of those winds allowing a slight – but very welcome – raise in temperatures.

14 thoughts on “Subdued

  1. You share a very special gift that sets special photographers apart–the ability to see the unique amid the everyday palette that others just look at–or not–in passing. Thanks for passing on the smile.


  2. That’s an interesting picture – its almost all in soft focus – making the few bits that aren’t quite prominent. I think it works very well, with those few, nearly focused stems – and particularly, flowers – at the front, and all else soft and low contrast behind. And the subdued colour palette works very well too – good stuff, M! Its a photo that definitely rewards prolonged viewing – the more you look, the more you see. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. It was one of those sights that stopped me in my tracks. Seeing those earnest young blooms pressed up against the restricting plastic set my imagination running. I wondered if it would be a little too subtle and restrained but – as you say – prolonged looking reveals more each time! (I hope the blooms become unrestricted soon 🙂 ).


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