The various colours of wood in this wooden hurdle caught my eye today – composing probably of hazel or willow or a combination of both.

Hazel or willow weaving is a craft I would very much like to learn. How wonderful to create useful items out of organic materials.

16 thoughts on “Weave

    1. Many thanks, Cocomino. It made me think about the beauty of wood commonly seen here and the way one can weave various types together to make something pretty and useful!


  1. Hi M, how are you doing? Still on for next Saturday’s beer tasting? I like this picture and I know its subject well – on the Somerset Levels this is made from young Willow shoots. A


    1. A hurdle is usually used as fencing or animal barrier. They can also be used to make raised beds and planters. They are sometimes called wattle hurdles and are traditionally made out of hazel or willow ‘whips’.


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