Hot Tulips


A shock of intense colour greeted me a couple of days ago. The delayed Spring means there is still a lot of browns and greens around – with splashes of whites, delicate yellows and purples – so when I saw this group of bright orangey-red tulips sitting in a tub, I was immediately drawn to them.

Technically I know it’s not a good photo: too many white highlights and so on (and I don’t have the will or the patience to play around with it) but today – with a return to cold winds, low temps, and frosts – I find these colours very welcome!

23 thoughts on “Hot Tulips

  1. Oh Texture!!! YUM! Reds can be a biatch for one of my camera’s and the software that shifts it from raw to jpeg! Reds end up fuchsia to hot pink OR without contrast and a rather abstract quality.


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Thanks for your comments. The white areas annoyed me a bit and distract from the red of the tulips a little but it was a very bright day (making the shot difficult) and I’m not going to complain about that πŸ™‚


  2. Once again, Adrian and I see eye to eye. For me, the few tiny ultra-highlights actually serve to accentuate the striking brilliance of the entire image. No excuses necessary at all. What a glorious, in-your-face declaration of the unfettered joy of spring!


  3. The intensity of light and colour gives the composition a painterly abstract quality. Very dramatic & eye-catching. πŸ™‚


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