May Magnolia


This pretty white Magnolia tree really caught my eye – especially against a beautiful blue sky which have been quite rare in these parts in recent times!


21 thoughts on “May Magnolia

    • The flowers always amaze and delight. This was one of many I saw whilst visiting an arboretum. They have a special ‘Magnolia Walk’ where many species can be seen. Many thanks, Ellen.


    • I don’t think I did it enough justice to be honest. I think it had to be seen with the naked eye to get the full effect of its beauty. It was so sparkling bright!


  1. Great approach on these close up showing us only a quadrant of a blossom, and allowing the viewer’s inner vision to supply the rest. Like an appetizer, leaving one hungry to experience more. Such joy to see everything unfolding into springtime again. I especially smiled at the daffodils looking at their mates, and the exquisite fragility of the crocus. Thank you for these lovely images, best wishes, WG


    • Many thanks! This was a real glorious sight. The flowers reflected the sunlight so strongly, one almost had to shield one’s eyes from them!

      Many thanks for your visit and kind comments πŸ™‚


      • You are so welcome. I have never seen a Magnolia tree before. I had no clue. I watched the movie called ‘Magnolia’ ages ago and I always wondered what the flower was all about. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of your week. I have just posted a poem about early spring should you ever get the chance to look. πŸ™‚


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