Little Gate


I think this is probably the smallest gate I have ever seen – and squeezed through!

This stile marks the boundary between open fields and the village of West Burton, Wensleydale Bishopdale, and was a very sweet sight (site) to behold after a long walk.

28 thoughts on “Little Gate

  1. Bien vu pour ce détail , hors du chemin de ronde 😉
    Portail d’un autre monde , vient cette croyance sans failles ,
    Chacun étant de Tailles , pour une chance seconde ,
    D’Autres au travers de l’Onde , mènent de grandes batailles.


  2. I wonder how long those hinges have been there, and how many replacements of the boards have taken place. A true icon of the English countryside. Did you have any cheese while you were there and think of Wallace & Gromit?


    1. Yes – it does make one wonder doesn’t it?! They look beautifully well-worn!

      Yes – we had some blue Wensleydale: delicious! We didn’t have time to go to the Wensleydale Creamery this time. One can watch the cheese being made and then venture into the shop full of different types of Wensleydale. My favourite last year was with added ginger: gorgeous!


    1. Thank you, Scott. Yes – many of the stiles in the Dales are ‘squeeze stiles’ but now and again there would be a gate in addition. This was the smallest one I saw, however.


    1. Many thanks, Adrian! I’ve seen drawings of a wooden-ladder type stile but haven’t actually seen one. They have the most interesting walls, gates, and stiles up there!


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