Dandelion Down


Whilst out in the garden on this fine Summery day, I noticed this dandelion seedhead lying on the concrete path which leads down into the grassed area. Its stem had been squashed but the seedhead was intact and fluffy – waiting for the breeze to carry its progeny onward. It looked very soft and vulnerable but resilient at the same time.

Here the light looks golden in the dappled light. Below is a silvery-toned image taken when the sun was hidden behind a cloud.


12 thoughts on “Dandelion Down

  1. What a lovely eulogy, M. It’s good to follow and appreciate the latter stages of the flowers that are so easy to admire when they’re in their prime. They are quite worthy of attention at all their stages. And the same is quite true of people, too.


  2. Good idea, and good pictures – the lower one is my favourite, its taken from a slightly different angle, a slightly improved angle and composition to my eyes – more diagonal – and I like the lighting more.

    And I very much like “very soft and vulnerable but resilient at the same time.” – yes, exactly! A


    1. Thanks very much, Margaret. I remember it clearly as it lay on a concrete path in the garden. It looked sad but also tough as it had avoided being completely trodden on – which was remarkable as it was situated on part of the main thoroughfare of the garden. Its seeds were still able to float free …….


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