Beckoning (II)


I sometimes come across this gate when walking and it always looks pretty whatever the Season. The lacy umbellifers adorning both sides and the lush vegetation within make it look very inviting. However, with its ‘no entry’ X-shaped slats, the gate suggests that outsiders are not welcome ……… but it does look very tempting ……….

I came up with a few different titles for this post but settled – once again – for ‘Beckoning’. The first ‘Beckoning’ is here.

12 thoughts on “Beckoning (II)

    1. Thank you, Poppy. It struck me as I looked at the photo again. Often these types of gate have a more open structure of a diamond shape in the centre. Yes – Cow Parsley and similar umbellifers look so delicate and pretty at this time of year!


  1. Lovely shot that epitomizes the English countryside at this time of year. Long term, I hope I can find my way back to England.


    1. Thank you, Calvin. In the meantime, I will try and post some quintessential English countryside scenes. (By the way, it looks very pretty up there where you are).


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