34 thoughts on “Poppy Love

  1. Exquisite, gorgeous, sumptuous! >>> by god that feels better, good as a dose of salts!

    This is right up there with your best, M, the focus is spot on where it should be, and then around it are all of these slightly out of focus, sumptuously coloured forms – WOWEEE!!!

    And you have a way with words – I just love “ensconced within ruffles of fondant pink petals”! A


    1. Thanks so much for all those superlatives, Adrian 🙂 I am so pleased that we are spreading the love for these flowers. It’s one of those daisies in the hair, flowing dresses, bare-footed, sunny June moments. Well, one simply has to make the best of them before the jet stream slips southwards, the windy westerlies come in, and the pressure in the barometer starts to drop. (Looks like that might be happening sometime next week 😦 ).


  2. OMG!!! What a present this morning! I was just visiting the Strawberry Festival Here yesterday. There was a slate painting of poppies that I found so beautiful that it was hard to tear myself away. I think it might have been one of the rare times that I was feeling sorry for myself that I hadn’t the funds for it. I wake this morning to this! So beautiful! I am so grateful!


      1. Yes – have a go. I think some need more fussing than others but they all seem to need a reasonable amount of sun. Once established they should seed all over the place!


  3. “Wow” should sum it up, but that’s not enough. You have some amazing work here……….thanks so much for the inspiration!! Now I shall return to my blog and crumple it up into a ball. ;O)


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