Wisteria Sky


Some small Wisteria flowers photographed against a Summer sky. I love Wisteria and would like one day to grow some around the front door – or, actually, anywhere …….

23 thoughts on “Wisteria Sky

    1. Thank you, Annie. I photographed this at the weekend when it certainly felt lovely and Summery. We have had grey skies and rain since but the rain is good for the plants.


  1. A beautiful, gorgeous photograph. I grew in my former garden an unruly wisteria which hardly ever flowered. This was very frustrating given members of my family had curtains of mauve flowers dripping off pergolas or fences in summer – drats!


    1. Thank you, Margaret. I wonder what the secret is to growing Wisteria successfully! I would think they would be quite fussy – needing lots of fuss and attention!


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