14 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Oh I like this, M! What does it for me? Well, Duvel really … no, the photo, the photo!

    Well there’s the tangle, obviously there’s the tangle, and I like the way that there’s a diffuse, inverted ‘V’ shape, bit like a tepee, in the grass stems towards the centre of the image. And then there are those wonderful, nearly white grass stems that are just flowing around all over the place – it could be someone waving a torch about at night!

    And then the vibrant colours – especially the greens and the bright browns – and those wonderfully arcing whites again! Wow, good stuff, great photo – and it fills the frame too! A


    1. 🙂 Many thanks, Adrian! I hadn’t noticed the ‘V’ but it stands out now. I love grasses and their different characteristics. I was going to post a much softer grass image but ……. after overtime at work and a slightly frazzled feeling after work today …… I opted to go for the chaos of Carex grass 🙂


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