Soft Flowing Grass


Some hordeum grass (fox-tail barley) sways gently in the breeze.

I love grasses for their lightness of form, their graceful movement, their pretty colours, and their soothing sound.


Close-up of the pink and green tresses.


The wavy parts suggest newly emerged strands – like hair which had been bound in plaits and has now been set loose.

16 thoughts on “Soft Flowing Grass

  1. These are great! The top one is my favourite, its a little darker than the other two. The textures of all three are wonderful and I really like the faint shades of purple-pink.


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I had a few different versions and it took me ages to make my mind up about which ones to post. Interesting that you like the top one because it is a little darker than the others. I think it shows the movement a little better too. Thanks, once again.


  2. I like the first one because of the way the strands are weaving together. The colors and movement in all the photos is just grand.


  3. These are fantastic! I also like the top one the most. I like the way you have taken a subject that is trod upon and overlooked, flattened indiscriminately by hordes of pedestrians, bicyclers, backpackers, cattle, etc.—–a photography subject that sounds boring (a photo of grass, really?) and made me want to stare at it for ten minutes. This photo makes you appreciate the intricate beauty of something that few people really ever see, I mean really SEE! Thanks so much for reminding me that grass is beautiful. (I know the cows already think so, so they do not need to be reminded). Looking forward to future posts!


    1. Thanks very much for your kind comments, Office Diva! Yes – there is so much ‘ordinariness’ that gets overlooked. Grasses are wonderful – so light and airy and dreamy! Trust the cows I say πŸ™‚


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