Hot Lupins


Get the sunglasses ready! Some vibrant pink and red lupins sit amidst purple alliums and lime-green foliage.

I felt in need of a bright image this morning as we have had some very dreary grey days recently.

20 thoughts on “Hot Lupins

  1. Wow I like this, M >>> HOT is a very good title, they’re blazing and they’re at an angle and they positively resonate with the intervening greens!!! (Will need a new “!” key soon but blow the expense! – oh there’s another one gone)

    The closest one, the one in focus, makes a huge and searing diagonal across the frame and, once again, you’ve placed another a little further back, just to its right and slightly out of focus, in a supporting role – spot on, lady, spot on! Gloria in excelsis deo – wonderful stuff! (A very inspired) A!


    1. 🙂 Thanks very much, Adrian! I had a choice between this image and another – very much less colourful – grassy one to post today but when I saw how murky it was this morning I definitely felt in need of a colour burst! I’m pleased you like it.


  2. What vibrant colours. I saw my first lupin for 13 years a couple of days ago but it was a white one and lacked the intensity of those you have photographed.


    1. Thank you, Calvin. I love lupins and tried to grow a blue variety in the garden a couple of years ago but it got eaten. I had never seen lupins in these intense colours before.


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