Little Rays of Sunshine


Little rays of sunshine – aka Chalkstream Water Crowfoot – to mark the Summer Solstice.

I didn’t get to Stonehenge to mark the Solstice today – even though I had good intentions. A week of poor sleep and the prospect of having to go to work after being up in the middle of the night put paid to it. When I was nudged awake at 3 a.m. and asked if I was going, I quickly and sequentially thought about the long walk through the floodlit fields ….. the crowds …….. the noise …………Β  the mess ……… and politely declined – whilst burying my head in the pillow back to the land of nod.

I did, however, wake just after 4.15 a.m. and – unable to go back to sleep – opened the curtains and greeted the sunrise at 4.52 (BST) , even though the sky was just as grey and murky as it had been all of the previous day. It felt good to be awake at that time though.

20 thoughts on “Little Rays of Sunshine

  1. Oh this is different and I like it very much! The flowers are beautiful, but I think that what really gets to me is the combination of the long, pale green stems and the silvery sheen on the water surface. Actually I think maybe its the flowers sprinkled over this combination – which is no doubt what you intended!

    Needless to say I wasn’t at Stonehenge either, tho the thought of the solstice was very much in my mind. I don’t sleep well during these short nights either and, at the moment at least, although being retired I’m still rising at my usual 5am, so I get to see most early mornings.


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I love this river plant which grows so well around here in the chalky water. I find it quite difficult to photograph though as the flowers are so small and if the light is too harsh the colours get blown out against the darker water.

      It’s lovely to hear the dawn chorus and general peacefulness in the early hours. I was pleased I awoke in time for the sunrise today. I actually prefer the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge – there is a much more peaceful vibe and it’s often so lovely and atmospheric. Also – of course – the Winter Solstice celebrates the start of the longer days.


  2. Lovely M. I like the subtle patterns in the water against the the stems and little flowers .. you get a flowing swept along feeling for sure ..
    Like the nudge bit in your words there πŸ˜‰ as I said in the other solstice post I’m sure it wouldn’t have been worth it . I remember the days when one could stroll round pretty much without the crowds .


    1. Thank you, Poppy.

      With regard to Stonehenge – although it gets pretty crowded particularly during the Summer Solstice – I can say the visit has always been worth it πŸ˜‰


  3. My day yesterday felt highjacked by concussed children and children hijacked by the relentless stuck meltdown(6 hours worth) of Asperger’s. I DID manage to get out to the Tree Place after 8:30 pm. I DID laugh and smile at the gift of light for my even being able to be out there at such an hour. I made it a quarter of the way around and began to relax and to pray and THEN, a couple, an uncle and two girls struck. One of the girls had the lack of prosody and other inappropriate mannerisms that normally would have struck upon my compassion. However, I was just infuriated at this stealing of my space and time to celebrate. I froze and let them walk by. I did NOT share the nasty words nor the thoughts. I scowled at my being so out of control. So, I prayed a prayer for me. I prayed–not that I really needed to, to beg forgiveness for not being in the space to do it right. I asked for muffle. I think that I walked another 30 feet and got a nice warm art current muffle. I got a wee bit of peace. I slept well. Appreciation for the ease of communication with the light of the shore is pleasing and lifting. I suppose that noticing is the point, after all. I’ll go back out and celebrate Alban Hefin today and into tomorrow. I can remember and celebrate the turning of the wheel any day, any time. πŸ˜‰ May the blessings of the seasons fill your heart at every turn.


  4. Late again, M, but trying to keep up. We don’t have chalk streams here, but I’ve read so much about them. What a lovely portrayal, and how refreshing it is! Some day…


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