Masterwort (Astrantia Major) sits in shady spot – wide open and welcoming to small insects and any glimmer of brightness which comes its way through a canopy of leaves.

I love these flowers but they are a little fussy – needing humus-rich moist soil to thrive.

18 thoughts on “Masterwort

  1. What a lovely shot M with those curling petals and the exploding centre . I don’t have any but have admired them many a time in NT gardens and the like where obviously they tend their plants and give them the right growing conditions… mine have to make the best of life in the soil I have Lol


    1. Thank you very much, Cocomino. It does look precious doesn’t it? There are also pink and deep red varieties of this plant but the white version is my favourite.


  2. Another excellent image, M – that flower looks so sharp I could cut my finger on it! Once again, I very much like the composition, the main subject upper right, and then the dark and diffuse stem dropping away into the depths with other, darker and less focused flowers coming off it. And the unfocused green and black backdrop is perfect. One thing – the specific name (ie “major” here) in scientific nomenclature does not start with a capital letter – take the word of an ex-ornithologist. A


    1. Thanks very much, Adrian. I first saw this plant a couple of years ago and loved it. I think the pink and red varieties are more common and I hadn’t seen another nice white species until the weekend.

      Thank you for the correction. I do know this but in this instance I was slack. I won’t correct it now. It will stand to remind me of my slapdashness … 😉


    1. Thank you very much, David. It was lovely to see this flower again this year. I wonder if I could create a moist area in the garden for it to flourish in ……..?!


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