Rural Tracks


Wild poppies spring up everywhere on a field of oilseed rape – the few remaining flowers of which can still be seen in the tractor wheel tracks and around. I have never seen anything quite like it and wonder why the poppies were flowering in profusion in this rapeseed field and not others in the near vicinity.


What a fascinating combination of plants. I wonder why the rapeseed flowers are persisting in the tracks.

40 thoughts on “Rural Tracks

  1. Ce jeu m’inspire à fleur , une sainte odeur des fées ,
    Passant au long de l’été , chaque jour avec bon coeur ,
    Donner d’étranges lueurs , aux champs juste à portée ,
    La Magie veille au gué , en ce monde enchanteur.


  2. Amazing photos and interesting question. Maybe the other fields used something to keep away the flowers. Or the conditions at one location were perfect for the flowers.


  3. Beautiful pictures, M, you’re on a roll these days! I think I prefer the top one. The two lines of rapeseed flowers are better seen / defined, having the horizon is good, and I think the foreground works better than the “larger foreground with smaller poppies” in the lower shot. Excellent pictures! A


  4. ….. Well M … I knew soon or later our lovely scarlet poppies would be making an appearance on peoples blogs 😉
    These are a stunning . Really stunning .


    1. It was quite an unusual view with the rapeseed flowers making tracks. It’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time! Thanks very much, Truels.


  5. Only now seeing this post having only recently discovered you. I do not know the “why,” but can tell you that the results is astonishingly beauiful. Wow. This field is a show-stopper!


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