Twinkle Twinkle


Seeds of golden oats (Stipa gigantea) seem to twinkle as they dance in the breeze. I love these plants – the grassy bits at the bottom aren’t terribly exciting but the seed heads on long, graceful, wispy stems look so pretty as they dance and rustle in the wind.

14 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle

  1. Fascinating image – I certainly wouldn’t have known what it depicts if you hadn’t said! Its getting towards sci-fi or abstract. And although the larger seed heads are presumably nearer the camera, this picture has a kind of unnerving lack of depth, which is certainly helped by the amorphous green backdrop.

    Excellent image, very well seen, I’m jealous! A


    1. It’s a weird image isn’t it? I thought more than twice about posting it but decided I would as I love the plant and those ‘twinkles’ get to me. I hadn’t thought about it as sci-fi but as you and Marina have suggested so, it has set my imagination going!

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and opinions on it; much appreciated as ever.


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