Lilypad Islands


Lilypad ‘islands’ on a pond at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, UK.

This pond was teeming with life today: large fish, small fish, flying insects of different types, damselflies – and one large dragonfly which darted around without rest for hours.

I love the tree which sits at one end of the pond but I’m not sure which species it is.

10 thoughts on “Lilypad Islands

  1. Beautiful image, M! Highlights for me are the lily leaves standing up proud above their floating friends, the gorgeous reflections in the water, and that single tree in the water – which I think is both an object of beauty and a useful point of focus. A very calm image, beautiful and relaxing, I enjoy your photography very much. A


    1. Yes – that tree is beautiful. I like it very much and always love to see it when I visit. I’m pleased you like this image and also find it relaxing. It also means a lot that you enjoy my photography; it’s very encouraging. Thanks very much, Adrian.


    1. It was a really calm day, Cocomino. It was lovely watching a dragonfly dart about all over the place. Yes – the tree would never be thirsty or overheated. Many thanks.


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