Flowing Barley


A field of ripening barley moves with the breeze.

I didn’t have a good day here on WP yesterday. It was pretty frustrating eventually finding out that the comments I was trying to leave on people’s blogs were going into the spam folders. It still isn’t resolved – maybe it won’t ever be resolved; I don’t know. All I know is that a fair few other bloggers are having the same problem and as far as I can tell, it hasn’t been resolved for them either.

Thank you to everyone who came over yesterday to like or comment on my whiney post about it all. I really appreciate it. It’s not easy being faced with a post that’s angry in tone. It was sheer frustration. Thanks again for your kind and supportive comments.

I was ready to throw it all in yesterday – and most of today – but a fellow blogger is having the same problems and her lighter attitude to it gave me a different perspective. You may already know TBM at ’50 Year Project’. Here are links to her posts about the comments problem just in case the problem arises for you:



I made a few comments yesterday on people’s blogs which will have gone into your spam folders. I’d like to ask a favour: could you please check your spam for my comments and un-spam them. It might help akismet to learn that my comments aren’t spam.

All this has made me realise just how ephemeral blogging can be. One minute, you are communicating fine with your community (an important aspect of blogging to my mind 😉 ), the next moment – you lose the ability to comment on your blogging friends’ posts through no fault of your own and there isn’t much you can do about it.  I shall attempt to go with the flow, however, as getting angry and frustrated is no good to anyone.

33 thoughts on “Flowing Barley

  1. I have seen this problem with others in the last few days M … yes … I’m sticking around with you too ..
    Love your flowing barley … I love to see a field of it with a light playful breeze … looks all the world like rippling waves of green grassy ocean … I wonder now whether I have said that before Lol …


    1. Many thanks, Poppy – I appreciate your comments. Yes – “rippling waves of green grassy ocean” – such an apt description.

      With regard to the comments, I’ve just discovered another blogger with the same problem and another whose likes aren’t appearing.


          1. thank you for your words last night M .. I have now deleted post . Seems gordon the gremlin has hopped off and out of my blog 😉 phew …


            1. Well – that’s a good thing. My ‘little’ problem hasn’t gone away as yet. I think it is going to take everyone to unspam me first 😦


  2. Thanks for the reminder, I fished your comment out. I don’t usually monitor the spam, maybe one should…
    Hope this goes away.

    I agree blogging is ephemeral. I am still disappointed at one or two of my favourite blogs being discontinued…


    1. Thank you for un-spamming me Delft! Yes – I have just heard of another blogger with the same problem so I think it is a good idea to check spam. It’s what I’m going to do every day now as the problem seems to be more widespread than previously thought.

      Yes – that has happened with a couple of my favourite bloggers too.


  3. I’m still having issues on my end, but I have my fingers crossed that the problem will be fixed soon for both of us. Thanks for the mention and I really do hope you have a better weekend.


    1. I’m still having problems too. Will stay positive and hopeful! I hope you have a great weekend. Perhaps we need to be out in the sunshine rather than monitoring this 🙂


    1. You say wonderful things, Dreams and Zeros. I can say the same about your photos.

      I like your idea about the t-shirt; I feel like a broken record at the moment asking people to ‘unspam’ me. What an awful term 🙂


  4. Haha! you and I must be clones! because without seeing this I’ve just put out something with tractor tracks in a crop too! 🙂 This is good. It all kind of blends into one green, textured mass, which looks very good.

    I agree with you about communicating with others being an important aspect of blogging – absolutely! I enjoy the contact very much.

    Did you say that you’d put out two posts about the WordPress disruption yesterday – well I can only see one in my In Box – which I’ll look at after this. There’s nothing else from you in my Spam folder at the moment.

    I’ve been having trouble with WordPress too. Not the things you mention as far as I know, but for me it often seems to run and refresh very slowly compared to other sites.

    Aside from all these problems, I hope you’re fine! I was out on the slopes of a nearby hill at 0600 today and it was wonderful out there. And then I had a mega Full English which I’m still recovering from. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian; I will be over to have a look shortly (yes – I know 😉 ). This photo seemed to symbolise something I need to keep in mind.

      Yes – communicating with others is so important. I don’t always leave a comment on people’s blogs but will do when something really moves me. It’s hard to imagine what it is like when you can’t do this – and the powers that be aren’t helpful. It’s like someone putting their hand over your mouth when you need to give someone a message. It has made me think about how awful it would be if we were unable to communicate in real life. Just imagine if phones were switched off and the power ran out. How would we communicate with family and friends who didn’t live close.

      With regard to my posts, I posted Entering Flow and this one so I think you’ve got them all.

      I’m pleased to hear you hit the slopes early. I was at the grindstone today – which provided much light relief from the trials and tribulations of WP 🙂


    1. Thank you, Annie. I commented on your blog today but it will have gone to spam. Could you unspam me please? After that, my comments should go through okay. Many thanks.


    1. Thank you, Marina. It would be nice to resolve the problem but I have to stay chilled in the meantime 🙂 My comments should reach you okay now – I think – since you unspammed me.


  5. I’m glad you have decided to stick around. I look forward to your posts, although I may not be as timely as others, I try not to miss a one. You always have intriguing photos to share.


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