27 thoughts on “Sunspots

    1. Thank you, Annie. Yes – my first thought was that it was a type of helianthus but then helenium got into my head but now I don’t think it’s either. I’m not sure. No: on second (or third, or fourth) thoughts, looking at the leaves again, I think it must be a type of fancy sunflower. More research is needed!


  1. Beautiful shot! The flowers are in incredibly sharp focus, they seem to stand up above the backdrop, almost as if they’re not a part of it, and the biggest one is bang on the intersecting thirds. But the backdrop itself is also special – what a beautiful concoction of greens and pointed leaves! A


    1. If I remember rightly, I think I went to walk past these but then did a double take and went back. Although the flowers hadn’t properly opened, they looked really sweet sitting atop the greenery – ready to burst open! Many thanks!


  2. What a feast for the eye! We don’t have anything quite like these. It has remote similarities with a purple cone flower that’s common in Nebraska, but i’m not sure that they are enough that they are likely to be relatives. I’d love to see more of these!


      1. Thanks for the heads-up, M. This is the first comment by trusted friends that’s gone into the spam folder. I’ve told Akismet it’s not spam and hopefully it will be the last. Again–love this shot!


    1. Thank you, TBM. I’ve just arrived home and have looked at the latest on the forum. It seems as if we have gone backwards. It looks a right mess with some of us being asked to fill in the form (impossible) others being asked to email someone from Akisment called Mark (although his email address was redacted pretty early on) and now we are being asked to email support at Akismet. They are going to have a pretty full inbox if this carries on. I don’t see how they can resolve it – but we’ll see.


    1. I’m hoping that’s a worst case scenario 😉 It’s curious that it’s UK-based bloggers, isn’t it?

      I like your idea of popping to the pub tonight. I think all of us faux-spammers should have a virtual glass of cider 🙂


      1. Yes we should have a drink together. This has been so frustrating and the lack of communication on Akismet’s part has been aggravating to say the least. So yes, drinks are in order.


          1. Oh can you imagine if we held a challenge of what people would name their drink. so many of us are frustrated. I feel like I shouldn’t blog until this is done since it’s such a pain.


            1. I know how you feel but please don’t stop. You kept me going so you are very much needed to be out there helping to inform others and also taking us to some interesting places 🙂 Let’s keep going.

              I found an old email from a fellow blogger last night – from over a year ago. She went through the same thing back then and resorted to email her followers of her plight. I might email her to ask how it was resolved. She said many others were caught up in it too.


            2. ah, thanks for the encouragement. I might write another post on the issue later today. I feel horrible since I haven’t visited that many blogs this past week. It’s hard finding emails for everyone. If the blogger has suggestions let us know. thanks!


            3. I know how you feel. Sometimes, I have wanted to comment on a blog but have held back because of the issue. At least, if we work to get the word out it might help others who feel they have hit a brick wall – or perhaps don’t know about the forums or who to contact. Our commenting facility may be broken but we can still try and get the message out.

              I will update you if I hear anything new.


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